How It Works

Our Method

Our Method

How It Works

STEP 1 - Consultation

You are unique, and so are your needs! 

We start with a complimentary consultation to discuss your current challenges and potential solutions to overcome them. 

STEP 2 - Strategy

No one likes surprises!

We manage your expectations by providing a clearly defined roadmap and plan for the path forward.  No matter what service you choose you will know precisely how, when, and what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

STEP 3 - Execution

Now is the best time to get started!

We’ll immediately begin taking steps on the career and life-altering journey towards a better version of yourself.

Ready to start taking your career and life to the next level?

Unsure if coaching will work for you?


How It's Different

Tailored solutions

You work exclusively with Nick

Unparalleled Knowledge & Expertise

Want Something Self-Pace?

1-on-1 Sessions

Sessions focus on a particular area of need.  Whether that’s Interview Preparation, Confidence Building, Elevator Background Pitch, Body Language, Story Telling, or Improving Soft Skills, to name a few.  There are over a dozen sessions to choose from or we can create one to address your specific need.  The sessions are 50 minutes in length via the phone, video, and when things are safe in person.  That way, I can take notes and send any follow up materials for our next session.   Clients often will purchase a bundle of sessions to receive a discount on the hourly rate.  


Packages are the only service in which I get hands-on to work on your cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile.  However, this is a collaborative effort working together to get the best result.  You’ll work directly with me, not an associate, or have it “farmed” out to a resume writer. 

All of the packages start with an on-boarding background session to pull the best examples from your experience to place in your professional branding.  Next, we’ll create your elevator background pitch to be concise and set a positive tone at the beginning of every interview.  Then we will focus on both interview preparation and skills to perform best when it matters most.  Lastly, we’ll focus on advancement in terms of your career and income by learning how to negotiate fearlessly. 

Career Launch University

Career Launch University is a cost affordable online job search and interview coaching platform.  The latest course now being offered is focused on how to conduct a successful job search within 60 days during the pandemic.  You’ll get a self-paced course with  35+ video lessons, 25+ blueprints, checklists, and templates, (2) One-on-One sessions, and so much more to ensure your success!


Career Launch University

Career Launch University is a revolutionary online job search and interview coaching platform.  No matter where you are in your career journey, we have a course is designed specifically for your needs.  You’ll benefit from having an online self-paced course with video lessons containing the same techniques that result one-on-one clients pay thousands of dollars resulting in multiple offers and life changing income increases. Plus the blueprints, checklists, templates, and more to ensure your success!

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