Setting aside time to think

For this tip, I want to talk about taking the time to think.  Often, in working with executive-level professionals their schedules are extremely busy they don’t have the time in their day to really set aside time to stop and think.  Working with an executive earlier in my career he’d asked the question, “the people that I want to see, do they take the time or schedule the time to think?”  We’re so focused on action and being busy.  Realistically, it can be that dopamine hit that we’re sitting there trying to keep spinning making traction.  While we could be spinning our wheels.  So, taking the time to step back and think.  

Block out a half-hour or an hour.  Be alone in a quiet place or get out in nature.  Somewhere you’re able to think freely and not have distractions.  So you can get to that core and ask some deep-seated questions.  What’s your motivation?  Have that, use that, and leverage that to find your next role!

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