Let me give you the most common errors that cause your resume to not be seen
To save time and resources, many companies utilize an Automated Tracking System (ATS) to review resumes submitted for their current job openings.  Let me give you the most common errors you are doing that causes your resume to NOT BE SEEN and what you need to be doing when applying online on a job board or through a company website.
The most common mistakes
Let me share the most common mistakes many professionals make when writing a resume that automatically get them knocked out by the automatic tracking system (ATS).  First off, you want to make sure that you don’t have any photos or images on your resume.  Secondly, you need to refrain from using any text boxes or any graphs symbols.  These are all things that can get you knocked out instantly even if your extremely qualified for the position.  You will also need to use consistent color of your font.  Don’t use different colors.
Creative and uncommon job titles are a flags for an ATS
The last point I would make is don’t have any uncommon job titles. I know that you might call yourself a code ninja or a Jedi of some sort but these things are not going to help you in terms of when the applicant tracking system is scanning through your resume

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