Let chat about about qualifying yourself versus disqualifying yourself.

Last week I was working with the client and we were preparing her for an upcoming interview.  During our preparations, we went over the job description.  During our conversation, she kept pointing out the two areas that she lacked and didn’t have experience with.
I immediately pointed out to her that this would negatively impact her confidence level going into the interview!
She was disqualifying herself versus qualifying herself before getting into that opportunity. 

So I want to share with you that you to need to make sure that you allow the hiring authority to disqualify you. 
Not your or your mindset.
You don’t want to point out the 10,000 pound gorilla you know in the corner of the room by saying “Oh I don’t have this I don’t have that” but focus on what you DO HAVE.  It’s a subtle shift that you can use in terms of the interview when you’re giving an answer to a question that you might not have experienced.  Simply go back and you just tell them or share with them a story of when you didn’t have experience but how you educated yourself and you ramped up your skills. 

So when you don’t have a specific experience, you can say “no I do not have that experience however when I came into this situation it was very similar and I educated myself.”  Again highlight those points right so you’re not disqualifying yourself but you’re actually giving yourself a qualification that you do have the ability to learn and grow and that’s what you want to focus on is that growth mindset.

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