What are the qualities of an interview getting resume?

Let me share with you the key qualities of an interview getting resume

The ideal font 

Resumes must first be readable a lot of and many professionals try to shrink down to eight or nine point size which really can make it difficult on the eyes when somebody’s reviewing the resume. I recommend that you use 11 point font at a minimum. 

Use a traditional resume format

You’ll want to make sure that you’re using a traditional layout or format of your resume. I know that you want to be unique or demonstrate your uniqueness but don’t do it in the format of your resume.  The person reviewing the resume is looking for that traditional format and that’s going to help you in terms of not standing out in a negative way where they’re trying to find different information in different areas so again make sure you have that format down also make sure that your resume is nice and concise. 


The ideal length of a resume is two pages

You’re not looking to write a book here so don’t create a 5 to 10 pages resume.  At the very most your resume should be three pages but ideally you want to get it down to two moving forward.


The primary focus of your resume is making it keyword rich

You want to have keyword rich information in your resume and what I mean by keyword rich is the words that you find in the responsibilities and requirements section of the job descriptions for the roles that you’re applying for that’s where you’re going to find the keywords that your resume needs to reflect this will help you both with recruiters finding you when they’re running a search as well as getting through an ATS.

Use action verbs

The next point I would bring up is to make sure that your resume has action verbs not just your traditional I lead managed boring blah blah blah right use some creative action verbs that get the individual interested and show how dynamic you can be


Use strong bullet points

The last part of an interview getting resume is the bullet points. Your bullet points are not an area that you put their responsibilities.  This is where you grab their attention so make sure you have something that’s impactful. For example you might say you were able to decreased data center down time by 50% with new process documentation you published. Essentially offer bullet points with something that’s measurable and that stands out to the person that’s reading your resume

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