Continuing on the Sales Mindset Series – Don’t Be Desperate

For this Tuesday Tip, I’m going to continue on the Sales Mindset Series.  I recently, started working with a client and she informed before we started that she was starting to get desperate.  She was nervous because she had been laid off and didn’t have the funds saved up.  To make sure that she could bridge the storm that we’re currently in. 

This is really important when comes to sales as well.  I’m sure we have all been there where we come across a sales professional and their desperate.  They are just trying their hardest to sell us.  They’re willing to knock down their prices and it turns most of us off. 

That desperation and that’s what she was communicating to me that she was interviewing and telling hiring authorities that she was willing to take an internship to prove herself.  I’m not knocking that, and I understand but she had over 12 years of professional experience and had been in a management role. 

To take a step back to internship makes a hiring authority think, “What’s wrong here?”  It’s the same thing about sales professional and you’re working with them and they seem desperate willing to do anything it turns your off.  Make sure you’re not being desperate and know your value.

The value in your skills have not left you just because you were laid off or hit a hard circumstance.  You have the skills and abilities within you and you need to change your mindset to be more positive and focus on the things that you do have rather than letting that desperation creep in because it’s going to hurt you in terms of your interviews.

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