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Per my previous blog post, the problem and gaping void between getting a degree and landing a role only grew larger due to the pandemic because of how colleges and universities reacted.  If you missed it you can check it out here.  

Things have changed!  During these uncertain times, it has become more complex and difficult to land a high-paying role with a marquee organization because of the pandemic.  Watch as I describe the top 2 factors professional branding and interview skills as well as their components that Students and Recent Graduates must consider when conducting their job search in times like these.  

The Solution to Consider

My passion, purpose, and mission are to help others self-actualize by sharing hope, inspiration, and, most importantly, the methods and tools to achieve significant accomplishments.  For these reasons, I went to work, pouring my heart and soul into making the best damn courses tailored specifically for today’s students and recent graduates.  One that breaks down all aspects of a job search provides them with prescriptive advice and actionable steps that are not only easy to implement but can be used in the future as well as providing a long-term return on investment. 

I’ve built courses to do just that, and I have worked with several students and recent graduates going through two iterations and the results have been sensational.  Two weeks back I reached out to my network to get their advice to be sure that I wasn’t getting tunnel vision when producing the third and final version of the course which is set to go live publicly on Monday, May 17th.  I’m filled with gratitude as I received some excellent points and feedback that was inspiring.  So, thank you for your input!   

If you’re a parent or family member who’s interested in what’s possible for your loved one check out the brief course description below and click on the link to learn more about the courses available to help them launch their career.  Be sure to watch the parent and student and recent grad testimonials.  There will be several more testimonials and success stories added soon.

your loved one's unfair advantage!

I was intentional in designing the course to address the challenges many students and recent graduates face and broke it down into four areas:

  • Job Search Mindset: To ensure they are getting into a laser-focused “job search mindset” by first boosting confidence (my #1 requested 1-on-1 session), getting motivated, establishing excellent habits, and resilience to overcome setbacks rejection quickly.    
  • Professional Branding: To ensure they are using the correct type of cover letters and resumes (ATS complaint), LinkedIn profile, how to start effectively build and leverage a network, and most importantly, get interviews unconventionally jumping the line standing out from the sea of peers.
  • Interview Preparation: To help ensure they are prepared & comfortable for every interview in any setting.
  • Interview Skills: To ensure they interview with confidence by knowing precisely what to do and say before, during, and after interviews to get offers. How to make a positive first impression every time, give the best answers to the most common questions, provide concise answers, tell captivating stories, leverage body language, and “close” every interview leaving a lasting impression to get offers. 

Hurry if you want to take advantage of the Class of 2021 50% preregistration discount for the courses that end next Sunday, May 16.    


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